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Use the same search tool that all of our Cruise Planners agents use to find the prefect cruise and best prices.  Our technology is what gives us the edge and now you can use the same tool.  Try It!

For those that want to get the most out of our cruise search tool, we have created a handy dandy and very quick training tool for you all.  A quick 1 minute training session can help a lot.  Learn It!

Not sure where to go? Browse some of the top destinations, types of vacations, cruise lines or deals to see what looks good to you.  Start Exploring!

Welcome to the DIY Cruise Portal.  The place where you can be your own travel agent.  We give you all the tools, the tips and the great deals only available to agents.  Start by jumping into our search, (we call it CPMax), that allows you to search by dates, duration, cruise line, ship, departure port, ports visited, prices and so much more.  If you want to get the most out of the search we have created a training session just for you, but if you are the type that wants to just play and see what happens, feel free to just jump in. Or scroll down to all of our tools, tips and information for making your next vacation, your best vacation.  

Our favorite tools, tips, tricks and websites to help you search and plan for your next favorite vacation.  Most people want to just get it planned, but remember, planning your vacation should be almost as fun as taking it.  Explore!

Whether you are using our services, doing a DIY vacation or using someone else, this is everything we use to book our clients dream vacations.  We always recommend using us, but if you don’t, we still want you to have the best vacation possible.  Do it!

If you have never experienced a river cruise first hand, you don’t know what you are missing.  River cruises are the best way to immerse yourself in the destinations.  They float along the most famous rivers stopping in the heart of the destinations.  Think of them as your own personal floating resort.  They allow you to stay in luxury accommodations while visiting multiple ports in one vacation.  The price may create some sticker shock at first but when you consider that river cruise prices include taxes, port fees, excursions, all food, some alcohol, wifi and so much more that is extra on an ocean cruise, the price turns out to be the better value.  Viking Cruises is one of the most popular river cruises and Ama Waterways is one of our personal favorites but there are plenty of others as well.  Check out these two and let us know if you have any questions.  .  

Most people think taking your vacation is the easy part but our tips, tricks and cheats can make it even better.  From getting a passport to getting the right apps, these are the same tips we give our clients and have helped us over the years.  Go!

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