Our search engine is very powerful and has a ton of options, which is why it is so good at narrowing down the 1000s of cruises out there to just the ones you will like, but it can be a little intimidating when you first use it.  Take a couple minutes and read our tips below for getting the most out of the search engine.  

You can change this to narrow the search to only cruises that start and end within specific dates.

You can change these to exclude cruise lines if you only want to exclude a few cruise lines.  

Some information is obvious like dates and cruise lines.  You can choose up to four cruise lines or leave this blank to see them all.  

Change the length of the cruise you would like to choose from.   

Uncheck boxes of cabin types you aren’t interested in so it doesn’t show cruises where your cabin choice is sold out.

Input the minimum or maximum amount you want to pay.  This is per person, not per cabin.  

The one exception to this rule is if you are just looking for that great price and your open to a lot of different options.  In that case, you can have a large number.  Once you click on “View Sailings” and get the results change the sorting to the type of cabin you are looking for and choose lowest.  This will sort the cruises by price.  

Once you sort it, you may see a bunch of similar cruises that you know you aren’t interested in.  Click the modify search button and eliminate that cruise line, ship, narrow your number of days or any other options to take that cruise out.  Do this a couple times to narrow down your search will lead you to the perfect cruise.  

We normally uncheck the box to “Include Call for Pricing Itineraries” because this prevents it from showing cruises that are sold out.  If you want a specific cruise that is sold out, you can ask us to set up an alert.  With cancelations, there is a chance that cruise may come back open and our alert will let us know if that happens.  Also, not all luxury or river cruises will pull over with prices so if you are searching for those and get a “call for pricing” notice, let us know and we will search them directly.  

As you are choosing all of this information, keep an eye on the green bar at the bottom.  As you refine your search you will notice the number of matching cruises changes.  Once you get down to a reasonable number, click on the “View Sailings” button.  Try to get the number down to a reasonable number to look through.  If its too many, it will become overwhelming.  

The next three sections allow you to narrow your search by where you want to visit, where you want to depart from and what ports you want to see.  Directly above the “Departure Ports” section, is the check box below.  Uncheck this box if you want to see cruises that depart outside the United States.  

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