Should I Purchase the Drink Package?

Let’s face it, for most people, one of the things we do on a cruise is drink.  For most of us though, there is a fine line between how much we will drink and the amount that we need to drink to make the drink package worth it.  I have spent a lot of time doing the math for different cruises so I have created this calculator just for that reason. In the calculator below, pick the cruise line and the number of days on the cruise first. I know with excursions on some days, you won’t drink the same each day, so just average it out and keep in mind, there is a bar everywhere and it is so easy to grab a drink, you will probably drink more than you expect.  It will then display the price of purchasing the drinks separately compared to the cost of that cruise lines drink package.  A lot of the lines have different drink packages.  For the prices, I have chosen the one that provides the largest variety of options, but some might be less expensive.  Check out the links on the left for specific details on options and limitations for each cruise line.  Below the calculator are some general questions we get most often.  

The Handy Dandy Drink Package Calculator

Are there limits to the amount you can drink with the package?

Originally, all of the cruise lines had limits on the number of drinks you could have on the package per day.  Some of them, like Carnival, still have the daily limits, but most have went to a more discretionary policy that says they can cut you off if you appear overly intoxicated.  It does get rid of the numbers game, but allows them the flexibility to cut you off if they feel it is necessary.  

Does everyone in the cabin need to purchase the drinks package?

Yes, everyone over 21 in the cabin need to purchase the drink package.  Some of them got rid of that requirement for a while but it backfired on them so they reinstated it.  Which bring me to the next question… no, you can’t share a drink package.  That’s exactly why they require everyone in the cabin to get it.  

What is included in the drink packages?

All of the major cruise lines have limits on what is included in their drink package.  You won’t be getting 100 year old scotch on the drink package but they are pretty liberal for the most part.  Check out each cruise lines drink package rules for each line above to specific limitations.  

Since Norwegian started offering the drink package as a free perk on their cruises, other cruise lines have jumped on board.  Below are the cruise lines that now offer drink packages as part of their promotions.  

Norwegian Cruise Line - most promotions include drink package but gratuities are extra

Princes Cruise Line - some promotions include the drink package

Holland America - All In promotion includes the drink package

Celebrity - basic package included in fare but it can be upgraded to premium

Keep in mind, the prices of the cruises on this promotion are higher than the basic price that doesn’t include any of the perks but overall, if you are going to drink, it’s a great deal to take the promotion.  

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