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Flights are not the exciting part of your trip.  Let’s get that fact out of the way before we even start talking about them.  Nobody likes paying for them, researching them or planning them.  They may be a necessity but they are not the fun part of planning a trip.  The best we can do for that is let you know your best options in booking them and give you some tips for the process.  

One thing we want to get out of the way is we have tested each of the booking sites and compared them to against each other and booking directly with the airlines.  in the end, they all give you the same prices and flight options except for a couple that will charge fees or charge extra for seats that they shouldn’t be, (we tell you which ones those are in the links), but for most, the flight prices are within a couple dollars a part.  It comes down to which site you like.   

Below are links and our opinion on the biggest and most popular sites for booking flights.  

Free flights are awesome.  We go over the best ways to help offset this particular part of your vacation.  Keep reading…

This amazing site gives you the closest airports from your destination city and has been a lifesaver for us.  Keep reading…

From booking sites, scanning sites and directly with the airlines,  which one is our favorite way and why?  Keep reading…

Should I Book through the Cruise Line?

There are big advantages to booking through the cruise lines.  First and foremost, that they will ensure you get to the ship.  If your flight is delayed or cancelled, they work with the airlines to get you there.  If for some reason you they can’t do it, they fly you to the next port free of charge.  They also sometimes include the transfers if you book the flights with the cruise.  

It’s may not all be rosy though.  Flights can sometimes be more expensive through the cruise line and more importantly, you may not have a choice about flights, connections, times, seats or upgrades.  Make sure you know what the limitations are before you book, but if you can get the same flight, the security of having the cruise lines behind you can’t be beat.  

Should You Use an Agent?

Rock walls or lectures?  Broadway plays or piano bars?  Cooking classes or roller coasters?  The activities and entertainment on the cruise line tells you a lot about whether it’s a good fit or not.  Not just whether you will have plenty to do that interests you on the cruise but more importantly, you are paying for those activities whether you use them or not so make sure your group will utilize the activities before you put down your hard earned money.  

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