When Should You Go?

One of the most common question we get for just about every destination is “when should we go?”.  There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding this though. What type of weather are you hoping for? Are you going to be upset if it’s different than you hope for?  When is the peak tourist season? When is it less expensive to cruise? In some cases, different seasons bring different activities or sights. You need to take everything into consideration when making your decision so we wanted to help. We have listed out the different seasons for each of the cruising regions below with the good and bad point for each season.  Take a look and I think you will be able to find the answer for your cruise pretty easy.  






   Panama Canal

Australia/New Zealand


    New Zealand


    Danube River    

    Greece (Eastern Med)

    Western Med

    Northern Europe


The cruise season for Alaska is May through mid September, although a couple cruise lines are going into October now.  When it comes to Alaska cruises, its not just about the weather though.  There are a wide variety of itineraries that also affect when you should go.  

Peak Season (Mid June - Mid July) - This is considered the peak season by some only because of the optimum weather and so much day light.  This season also has the least amount of rain.  Combine this with kids being out of school it makes for the highest cruise fares and they sell out far in advance.  

Pre-Peak Season (May - Mid June) -  The shoulder season can be less expensive for cruises but it also means less crowds.  The better reason for going during this season though is the wildlife.  All of the wildlife is having babies at this time so you have a better chance of seeing nature at it’s best.  Wildlife is unpredictable though so don’t plan your whole cruise around this opportunity.  

Post-Peak Season (Mid July - Oct) - The second shoulder season has less families, less crowds in general and often times great deals if you go later in the season.  The weather is starting to cool again and there is a greater chance of rain.  For those looking to see the Northern lights, it’s a long shot during the normal cruise season but there is a chance on the extended September and October sailings.  

Off Season (Oct - Apr) - There are no cruises during the off season. 

Average Monthly Temperature - Juneau AK

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Australia/New Zealand


Our Tips: the cruises offer quite a few itineraries throughout the cruise season and its important to pick the one that will make your cruise everything you are hoping for.  For those limited on time or just looking for an easy embarkation and disembarkation, the round trip from Seattle are great options.  If you have the time and money, it’s best to do a one way starting from Seattle or Vancouver and traveling deeper into Alaska.  Even better is to do a land extension with one of the cruise lines that offer a few nights in Denali.  

For those wondering about Whale Season.  That one is pretty easy.  It runs from May - September so the whole cruise season is whale season.  

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