Choosing the Right Cruise Line 

The first step in in creating a great experience for your personal or group cruise is to find the cruise line that fits you.  All cruise lines are not created equally.  Let me say that again, ALL CRUISE LINES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL.  It’s worth saying twice. People see the ads and commercials and they all just blend together but that is very far from the truth. The overall style of the cruise, the entertainment, the activities and the dining all combine to create the cruise lines personality.  Matching the personality of the the cruisers to the right cruise line can make the difference between a good cruise and an amazing one.  

Read through the tips below on the different styles, dining, activities and entertainment options out there and then click the cruise line links to see more info on each cruise lines for each of these categories to narrow down your search.  

What is the style of your cruise line?

What is the personality of the cruise line?  Is it calm and relaxing or exciting and energetic.  Is it a mega ship, a mid ship, small luxury or a river cruise.  Is it luxury or budget friendly?  Who sails on that cruise?  Is it mostly families or is everyone over 50.  Are they there to party or their to socialize? None of these are good or bad, but you want to find the one that will fits you or your group.  

Looking at the ads you would think every cruise line is perfect for everyone, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  It’s one of the most important things a Group Cruise Specialist can help you with is matching you to the right cruise line.  

Dining On Your Cruise

All cruise lines have great food, but the style of dining is the difference.  Do they have traditional dining, formal nights, casual or specialty dining.  Do they have a few dining options or more than you can enjoy in one cruise? 

When it comes to dining, read between the lines.  The dining can tell you a lot about the style of the ship in general.  Do you want to dress up for dinner?  Do you want a structured dining time?  Do you want to eat in a group or just your party?  Are you a foodie and want really good food?  

All of these questions are important and need to be considered before you pick that cruise line.  

Entertainment & Activities

Rock walls or lectures?  Broadway plays or piano bars?  Cooking classes or roller coasters?  The activities and entertainment on the cruise line tells you a lot about whether it’s a good fit or not.  Not just whether you will have plenty to do that interests you on the cruise but more importantly, you are paying for those activities whether you use them or not so make sure your group will utilize the activities before you put down your hard earned money.  

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