About Royal Caribbean: Royal Caribbean has the biggest, boldest, over the top and insane cruise ships on the water.  The larger ships hold over 5,000 people and feel like you are floating on a city. Although they still have a few smaller ships, even on those they have incorporated a lot of the same entertainment, activities and resturaunts.  

Entertainment and Activities: The entertainment and activities on Royal is as over the top as the ship itself.  Full Broadway theatrical productions, water theater, zip lining, ice skating, wave rider, simulated sky diving and more than can be listed here.  The entertainment and the activities are endless and you might need a vacation to recoup from your vacation on  a Royal Caribbean Cruise.  

Dining: As with everything else on Royal, the dining is like no other that includes fantastic complementary options, specialty dining that rivals any land based restaurant and casual dining for everything in between.  The dress for the most part is pretty casual although there are some basic restrictions like no holes in jeans or flip flops in the nicer restaurants.  

What groups are good on a Royal? Graduation parties, family get togethers, sports team celebrations are all great on Royal because of how active the ships are.  

Social groups that are going for a specific theme but not specifically to spend more time together work out really well because the ship’s size gives you the space you need.  Everyone can go off and do their own thing and meet up only for the planned events.  

Also, large work events are good for Royal as well because they offer a wide variety things to do and everyone won’t feel like they are tripping over co-workers and can enjoy the free time.  Plus with the larger spaces there is more room to have meetings and events.  

Group Benefits on Royal: Royal offers the traditional Gap rewards that allow your group to pick a specific amenity such as a small on board credit, a cocktail party for your group, a specialty dinner.  If possible, book your group over 6 months out because you can sometimes receive additional onboard credit for booking early.  

Who is it not right for? If you are more comfortable in a more intimate atmosphere, where you can relax and have a conversation, meet some new friends, and would like to casually run into your group, Royal probably isn’t for you.  You will meet a lot of people on board, but odds are you won’t run into the same people unless it’s planned and that includes your own party.  

Also, Royal offers the same basic promotion year round, (it’s either 30% off everyone or 60% off the second person which comes out to the same price), and never throws in the extra perks so if you drink, enjoy the specialty dining or want the wifi, it can get pretty expensive.  If a lot of people in your group won’t participate in all of those crazy activities, the value may not be there for you.  

One last note, not all, but most of their ships are massive so if you have mobility issues, choose one of their smaller ships with a lot of the same attractions or consider a different cruise line.

Useful Information


Crew Gratuities

Junior Suites & Below - $14.50 per day

Grand Suites & Above - $17.50 per day

An 18% gratuity is automatically added to all beverages, spa and salon purchases.  

Drink Packages

Deluxe Package

Fountain soda refills, souvenir cup, bottled water, premium coffees, fresh juices, cocktails & sprits under $13.00, beer and wine by the glass. 

40% discount on bottled wines upto $100, and 20% discount on wines priced $100 and higher. 

$63.00 - $89.00 per day

Refreshment Package

Fountain soda and refills, Souvenir cup, Non Alcoholic cocktails, Bottle water, Premium coffees & teas, Fresh juices.  

$29.00 to $38.00 per day

Classic Soda Package

Fountain soda and refills, souvenir cup.

$12.99 - $15.00 per day

Details on Royal Caribbean.com

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