Holland America Style: Holland America is the original cruise line and holds on to a lot of the traditional style of cruising. The company keeps their ships around 2000 passenger capacity to maintain that small ship feel and refuses to get pulled into the bigger the better philosophy or integrating the crazy attractions.  Because of all this, they still cater to an older guest that is more interested in the destinations, than the ships.  Even though there isn’t a lot of kids on their ships, if you are going to truly experience the places you stop, Holland America is a great option even for those younger than 40.    

Entertainment and Activities: Holland America has distinguished themselves in both entertainment and activities. Their entertainment include the traditional theatrical experiences but also includes the BBKing Blues Club, Billboard Onboard and Lincoln Center Stage.  They have also partnered with BBC and Discovery to create both entertainment and activities that immerse you in the destinations you are traveling to.  From destination lectures and cooking demonstrations, Holland is one of the best at immersive destination experiences.   

Dining: Holland America has resisted the trend to more casual dining.  They have stuck to the traditional dining with dress codes and more formal nights than most.  They do now offer a few specialty restaurants at an additional cost and still include the traditional buffet and a couple casual eateries, the main dining rooms are still the most popular.  

What groups are good on Holland America? Social groups for travelers 40plus that want to be able to socialize with other members of their group through out the cruise.  Holland is also good for families that want to experience the best of Alaska or Europe in a smaller enviroment.  

Group Benefits on Holland America: The group benefits on Holland can vary a lot depending on the type of group but can include cabin upgrades, group pricing, extra amenities and more.  If you have a group that might be right for Holland, it’s best to discuss it with a group cruise specialist to determine your best options for your group. 

Who is it not right for? Younger travelers looking for a lot of physical activities during the day and partying all night are probably not right for Holland.  Also, unless you are on an Alaska cruise tour kids probably won’t find a lot of activities on board.  

Useful Information


Crew Gratuities

Balcony & below - $15.50 per day

Suites - $17.00 per day

Dining and drink packages not includes in the air price as well as individual drink purchases will be automatically charged an 18% service charge.

Spa Services - 18%

Drink Packages

The “Have it All” cruise fare includes the Signature drink package.  

Elite Package

With the Elite Beverage Package you can enjoy all drinks menu priced $15 and under including Dale DeGroff’s Original Cocktails.

$59.95 per day

Signature Packages

Our Signature package includes everything from our Quench Package along with your favorite premium beers, spirits, cocktails, and wines by the glass priced $11 and under.

$54.95 per day

Quench Package - Non Alcoholic

Our nonalcoholic package which includes an unlimited variety of premium coffees such as espresso and cappuccino, juices, Coca-Cola™ products, our signature mocktails, Red Bull, and bottled waters 500ml and under.

$17.95 per day

Coca Cola Package

The Coca-Cola™ Package includes unlimited fountain sodas for $8.00 per person, per day. On the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam this package also includes the Coca-Cola™ Freestyle program with more than 100 unique Coca-Cola™ flavors available.

$8.00 per day

Details on Holland America.com

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