About Princess Cruise Line: One of the first cruise lines and the original Love Boat, Princess revolutionized cruising with the help of a little TV show.  Although they continue to add new features, they have stuck to the original idea of what cruising is more than most.  A moderate luxury line, Princess provides a lot of extra services and amenities without the huge price tag of some of the other luxury lines.  Also unlike other lines, they try to keep their ships as consistent as possible so if you travel on one ship, you can be confident about your experience and with them finally retiring 5 of their old ships, it gives us more confidence in what our clients will expect if they sail with them.  Their newest ships, are getting a little larger to accommodate some of the new areas still hold true to who Princess is.  

Entertainment and Activities: The activities on board often focus strongly on the destinations you are traveling to with Discovery’s Sea Enrichment Programs, Festivals of the World celebrations, (they don’t call them parties), culinary demonstrations and destination themed activities like Hula dancers in Hawaii, lumberjacks in Alaska, Mariachis bands in Mexico.  These all make Princess perfect for those focused on the destinations they are traveling to and enjoying the company of those that came with them and new friends you made on the cruise.    

Dining: Although they have a couple specialty restaurants, they have predominantly stuck with the traditional dining options with the main dining room, a buffet and a couple casual dining options.  On a 7 days cruise they will typically have 2 formal nights where the dress code is strictly enforced.  

What groups are good on Princess? Groups with primarily only adults that enjoy the entertainment on a traditional cruise as well as plenty of time and creative spaces to spend time together will enjoy a Princess cruise.  Also groups that are going to explore the destination, such as language groups, heritage groups or just groups with a similar interest in a specific destination.  

Group Benefits on Princes: Princess offers the traditional GAP points that allow groups extra perks such as free specialty dinner, group cocktail parties or other small amenities.  Although not a group perk, Princess has recently started including the drinks package into their cruise fares.  Hopefully they continue once they start sailing again.  Another good feature for groups is the Medallion Class where one of the features is being able to communicate and find other parties in your group.  Watch the video below for more information.  

Who is it not right for? Those looking for the super sized mega ships with water slides, rock walls or roller coasters might be bored on Princess.  Also kids that are looking to have a lot of other kids to hang out with may find it difficult as they’re typically aren’t as many kids on a Princess cruises.  Lastly, young adults looking to party late into the night and meet other people their own age might be disappointed.  

Useful Information


Crew Gratuities

Balcony & below - $14.50 per day

Mini Suite & Club Class - $15.50 per day

Suites - $16.50 per day

Specialty Dining - 17% Service Charge

Drink Packages not included in your cruise fair & individual drink purchases - 18%

Spa Services - 18%

Drink Packages

The Premier Drink Package is included if you purchase a Princess Plus fare.  If purchased separately, the prices are below.

Premier Beverage Package 

Includes cocktails, wine, beer, spirits, fountain soda, specialty coffees, bottled water, teas and other individual beverages up to $12 USD each.

$59.99 per day

Premier Coffee & Soda Package

Enjoy premium and specialty coffees and teas along with fountain sodas, fruit juices, hot chocolate and “zero-proof” mocktails throughout your entire cruise with this beverage package.

$19.99 per day

Classic Soda Package

This package includes all fountain sodas, fruit juices, mocktails and smoothies.

$9.99 per day

Details on Princess.com

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