About Celebrity Cruise Line: With the introduction of Celebrity Edge and more recently, Apex, they brought in a whole new concept in cruising.  Their innovative spaces on the ship like the Eden and their new take on balcony cabins with the infinity stateroom were game changers.  They spent the last few years upgrading the rest of their fleet to the Edge Class and although they aren’t the same as Edge or Apex, they are nice upgrades that keep all of their ships up to their new high standards.  

They describe themselves as modern luxury and the description fits.  With a resort style design, small cruise service  and their beautiful and relaxing spaces all over the ship they combine the best of small ship luxury with large ship amenities.  

Entertainment and Activities: Although you will find expanded entertainment options on the Edge and Apex, Celebrity’s entertainment includes the traditional theater experiences, casinos and pool deck but it is more about their gorgeous spaces and lounges that are designed to relax and socialize that people come back for.    

Dining: Celebrity has broken from the traditional cruise model to more individual restaurants that allow you to dine as you wish and offer a more personal experience.  With quite a few specialty dining options with a surcharge, and just as many complimentary options, the incredible dining options are endless.    

What groups are good on a Celebrity? Groups of adults looking for a relaxed luxury environment more similar to a 4 star resort than a cruise ship.  The ships have plenty of unique spaces to unwind and catch up with friends and family wanting to reunite.  Work meetings, brainstorming sessions and award meetings are also great because Celebrity offers a wide selection of conference spaces.  

Group Benefits on Celebrity: Celebrity recently began their “all in” philosophy that makes this ship as inclusive as you get on a large cruise ship.  Drinks, wifi and gratuities are all included which makes it nice for groups.  Celebrity is also one of the lines that offers discounts for groups and not just extra perks.  

Who is it not right for? If you are looking for water slides, beer pong or go-karts Celebrity isn’t for you.  Also, if getting that bargain basement deal is a top priority, there are better options out there for you.   

Useful Information


Gratuities are included in their Always In pricing.  

Spa Services - 18%

The Classic Drink Package is included in their Always In pricing. This includes drinks that are priced $9.00 or lower.  You can upgrade during the booking process to the Premium Drink package that includes drinks up to $15.00 and an onboard credit for an additional charge.

Tip: the onboard credit almost covers the additional charge so if you like more premium liquors, go for the upgraded package.  

Details on Celebrity.com

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