Top Group Cruise Destinations

Where does your group want to go?  One of the two biggest decisions you need to make when planning a group cruise is where to go and this decision could determine how many people end up going.  I know it’s easy to think everyone wants to go where you want to go, but if you want a big turnout, keep everyone’s interest and activity level in mind.  Is there going to be things for everyone to enjoy, both on and off the ship? Where are they coming from and how long will the flights be?  What are the ages and how active is everyone going?  We have put together our list of the most popular destinations for groups as well as a few not so common but incredible experiences.  


Why Alaska?

With its natural beauty and endless supply of activities there is something for everyone in Alaska.  As a matter of fact, when you bring a large group, odds are good they will each have completely different experiences.  With hiking, kayaking, sport fishing, whale watching, rafting, experiencing the Alaskan Native culture, incredible dining and some of the most awe inspiring natural occurrences you will ever witness make it a dream vacation for just about anyone.  

Because of the varied activities it also attracts the widest range of ages.  Everyone, from teenagers to grandparents leave Alaska wanting to return.   Learn More

The Caribbean

Why the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is second on the list mainly because of the round the year warmth and vast number of ships and cruise lines that travel here.  Although there are great places in both the Eastern and Western Caribbean, we recommend the Eastern because we think the ports tend to be cleaner and safer.  With ports in both the US and British Virgin Islands; St Thomas, St Kitts, St Mararten as well as Grand Turk and frequent Bahamas ports like Nassau there is enough activities to keep everyone in the group busy for multiple cruises.  

For groups looking for a shorter cruise we recommend the Western Caribbean because a lot of cruise lines offer shorter cruises to those ports.      Learn More

Why Mexico?

The Mexico ports aren’t as abundant as the Caribbean with Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan being the predominant ports.  They offer tons of water activities in each port as well as cultural options so there is something for everyone in your group. 

The reason Mexico tends to be so popular though is because there are so many departure ports around the country they are more convenient for those that live in the central US or on the West Coast. A shorter flight there and back seems like like a bonus vacation all in itself.   

If your group is looking for a shorter cruise, you can also find 3 and 4 days cruises to Mexico.  Learn More

Unique Destinations for Your Next Group

Hawaiian Islands


River Cruises

If you will be celebrating an anniversary, wedding or proposal, there is no better spot than Hawaii.  The NCL Pride was designed for the Hawaiian Islands, visits 5 islands, is in port every day of the cruise and has two overnight stays.  There is no better way to experience each of the islands and everything they have to offer.  Learn More

If you are looking for a more exotic experience and visit some of the most popular world wide destinations you can’t go wrong with the Mediterranean cruise.  Ports in Italy, France, Spain and Greece make it incredible for everyone and a lifelong memory.  Learn More

River cruises offer a more intimate surrounding allowing families to spend more quality time together.  They also spend more time in port offering incredible experiences that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.  Learn more on our partner websites with our preferred cruise lines, Viking or Ama Waterways.  

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