Before You Go…

Before you head out for the LV Country Cruise - Mexico, we wanted to pass along some good tips to know a head of time.  

Elevators - Embarkation day is always a busy day for the elevators.  Try to stay patient or take the stairs if possible.  It will ease up as the day moves into night.  The elevators at the rear of the ship or always less busy than the ones in the middle of the ship.  

Getting To Spice H2O - this outdoor area can be a bit tricky to find.  Follow the signs to the American Diner. (Rear of the ship on decks 16.)   Right next to the diner, in the middle of the ship is a hallway that leads to the outdoor area. 

Port & Starboard - you will hear these terms a lot.  An easy way to remember which is which is that the word “left” has four letters and so does “port”, therefore, port is the left side of the ship if you are facing forward.

Which direction am I going?  You will wonder this a lot as you walk through the halls to your cabin.  We can’t tell you how many times we have walked the wrong way before we found this tip.  The carpet in the hallways for each deck with cabins has fish on it.  If you look at the fist, they are always swimming towards the front of the ship.  

There is parking at the pier.  It is outdoor parking directly in front of the pier and costs $20.00 per day.  

Luggage tags - 

Booking the comedy show - the comedy shows will fill up before we even set sail.  Use the kiosks, the app or the reservation desk outside the theater to make your reservations as soon as you are on the ship.  

Booking dinners at the specialty restaurants.

Downloading the app - download the NCL app before you leave home.  You can use it throughout the cruise to book dining, entertainment, activities, and see the daily planner.  

Messenger - NCL offers a messenger service that allows you to message anyone else that is using the app on the ship.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with your friends, family and others in the group.  

Places to not miss on this ship - Deck 8 is the waterfront.  Deck 15 is the observation lounge.  

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