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Lets face it, the flights are the worst part of any vacation. Especially if you have a long flight. Europe is 9+ hours, Vietnam is 20+ hours, Africa we don’t even want to talk about. Getting premium seats, whether that is economy plus, business or first can make a huge difference in the quality of the vacation. The problem is, it is very difficult to get good prices on those seats.  

It’s difficult for me to get on a flight that isn’t one of the three so I have done some research on this one.  I will include some articles below on the best way to get deals on these flights but in the end, sometimes you just have to do the searches so I have added links to some of my favorite sites to search on.  

Below are links to some of our favorite sites for booking first class flights.  

Premium economy is sometimes a lot and sometimes only a little more than economy.  At what point is it worth it?  Is it different by airline?  Is it different on domestic compare to international?  We answer all of your questions here.  

What is the best and cheapest way to get business and first class tickets.  From tips, strategy, booking sites and so much more, we explore all of your options here.

If this was a Master Class in How to Book Business and First Class Flights, your first lesson would be this… Airlines DO NOT sell first class seats to companies or brokers and say “you can’t tell anyone who they will be flying with or what the prices are unless they give you their name and email address”.  They don’t care.  They may say you can’t “advertise” that price, but they don’t say you need to get an email or phone number before giving out the price.  Therefore, first lesson truly is, if they are saying they can’t give you their price or the airlines or flight details unless you give them your private info, move on. Otherwise, be prepared to be hounded until you’re ready to change your number.  If they don’t want to give you a price without you giving up your personal information, that’s not a good sign.  

Top Tips for Getting the Crazy Deals on First & Business Class Seats

1. If you see a crazy good deal, don’t think about it, don’t ask someone else to think about it, don’t try to make other plans that coincide.  Book the flight.  If you wait for any reason, it probably won’t be there when you come back to book it.  

2.  Book with points as soon as they become available.  Track the date the flight you want will become available, and book it the first day it is available.  The closer to the day you fly, the more points the flight will cost.  Most flights also have a limited number of extremely low points price so booking as soon as possible can get you amazing points prices.  

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